Tomek Pająk

Software Engineering Team Lead @ Seamless Payments / IT Coach @ Sages / Professional Scrum Master + Product Owner / 'MBA for IT' student @ Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego

On daily basis I try to bridge the gap between technology and business worlds being convinced and convincing others that it's actually one world because of a common goal. If I were to put tags next to my name it would be: agile, scrum, lean, devops, bossless organizations.

I work at Seamless Payments and take part in development of our own product which is a mobile payment system called SEQR. In the meantime I'm also a coach at Sages helping organizations to adopt certain technologies (eg. Spring, Hibernate, REST, JBoss Drools) or methodologies/mindsets (eg. Agile Development Day -

Lately, I've had a presentation entitled 'SAFe @ Seamless' at Agile Łódź. Soon, I'll be talking about DevOps at .

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