Why agile is not good for your company... от Krzysztof (Chris) Daniel

Докладчик Krzysztof Daniel
Why agile is not good for your company...

... but it may be good for your project.

Have you ever wondered why certain projects fail despite using agile methodics and why your management is constantly pushing entire company to be more 6-sigma like instead of agile?

Apart from the personal standpoints, there is some evidence that agile does not work for certain types of projects, while it does work well for other kinds.

In this talk, I am going to introduce you to the business maps invented by Simon Wardley, which are a great way to understand what your project looks like, and provide you a tool to properly answer a question: "Is agile good for me?".

Disclaimer: This technique is very powerful, you may suddenly understand what your company does really wrong, and loose your motivation instantly.

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strategy choosing, work organization, business decisions
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