Test Driven Development - Back to basics (.NET) от Simon Colmer

Докладчик Simon Colmer
Test Driven Development - Back to basics (.NET)

Coding can be difficult, especially in large systems. Deadlines or pressure are always coming from the business, however by pushing through quick fixes, ignoring refactoring and not testing your code you probably now have a large undocumented and overly complicated codebase.

Welcome to Test Driven Development (TDD), by following this very simple philosophy your code will become cleaner, simpler, repeatable and more predictable and still be able agile to respond to business value changes. This workshop will go back to basics without the use of mocking frameworks or other middleware so you can fully understand and think about what you and your tests are doing. 

You will work in pairs to complete a small challenge which will not only test your TDD abilities, but communication with your partner to discuss and think about the final outcome.


(Coding/computer requirements to follow)

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