The art of crafting runes - how we put more fun in our daily standups от Sławomir Bryk

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The art of crafting runes - how we put more fun in our daily standups

My team came up with these fancy ways of adding a fun factor to daily standup meetings. Basically, during each meeting, they would sketch a pattern which corresponds with the way in which they were passing the "speaker ball" to each other.

Example results:

Then, everyone had the possibility to draw their interpretation of that sketch, which let to some extraordinary results, like:

And voila! We were creating our gallery of standup drawings.

About one year later, we've changed the approach - the original sketches became treated as runes (idea taken from Diablo 2 video game). We did not draw any interpretations of them - they stayed in their original form. The thing was, that a rune was actually able to influence the way in which we worked during the day. It might be that it had some negative effects on the work environment (because during that day the internet was not working), or some positive impact (we've managed to deal with a major impediment in the project). Anyway, during a standup meeting we were trying to look back on how a rune has affected our previous day.

We've started to write down the properties of each rune. Eventually, as the daily standup patterns were repeating themselves, the runes were re-appearing. But, as we already knew the properties of a rune, we knew what to expect/how to defend ourselves.

Telling this story should not take me too long - 15 minutes should be a max.



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