Is my Agile really better than yours? от Dawid Pytel

Докладчик Dawid Pytel
Is my Agile really better than yours?

At some point each transformation requires evaluation. Yes, Agile does not have an end state and yes, it does not have any well described requirements for achieving a certain level to be compared against.


Already nervous?


Agile is a journey of continuous improvement and this is what you enjoy. But… in every single organization a crucial question may arise: how agile are we today?


Nervous enough?


Our presentation will show you how we did a retrospective at the level of entire organization with almost 200 people located on two continents. It will reveal how to leverage the knowledge of universally acclaimed Agile masterminds for determining your own maturity and areas for improvements. It will reveal the approach taken to tackle identified weaknesses. But the most important thing is that it will reveal what we have learned during this process and how it affected our organization.


Don’t be nervous.


Eat your elephant one bite at a time...

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Assessing Agile maturity level, identifying improvements at the level of the entire organization
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