DevOps for Humans: Ansible dojo от Kamil Szymański

Докладчик Kamil Szymański
DevOps for Humans: Ansible dojo

Learn Ansible basics and conventions, touch more advanced stuff but what's more important understand how Ansible works and how to work with it.
We will also use Ansible with Vagrant / Docker, see how Ansible differs from Puppet / Chef, talk about DevOps and learn enough YAML :>.

### What is Ansible?
Ansible is radically simple, yet powerful IT automation tool.
It can configure systems, deploy software, and orchestrate more advanced IT tasks such as continuous deployments or zero downtime rolling updates.
It's configurations are simple data descriptions of your infrastructure (both human-readable and machine-parsable) which guarantees that everyone on your team will be able to understand the meaning of each configuration task.

### How does it relate to being agile
Well, in the era of virtualization and cloud technology infrastructure automation is a must-do and we all know what kind of enablers cloud & virtualization are.
Apart from that you simply can not be agile if your infrastructure is a mess.

### What about DevOps
Building DevOps culture (usually) is not easy, but some tools can make it way easier.
We will take a look at some of those tools.
Furthermore I count on discussion on what this overloaded DevOps term means for us.

### Who will get the most out of this workshop?
This workshop should be most beneficial for people working in an environment that has not yet or just started DevOps transition.
If you already are a Puppet / Chef (or any simmilar solution) user you might find few parts of this workshop a little boring because we will start with the basics.

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