Annette Vendelbo

Annette Vendelbo has true passion for projects, and what makes project management and methods work in real life. Her background is 25 years of project management and general management in global consulting firms eg. Reuters, Digital/Compaq/HP, and Avanade. In 2008 she founded the consultancy company, Xvoto, delivering project management – both traditional and agile, and PM training, mainly Scrum and Kanban. She also delivers advisory services regarding implementation of (agile) methods. Annette’s main focus is incorporating agile elements in her customers’ project management methods and PMO organizations using CBPM – Context Based Project Management®.


CBPM® combines traditional and agile thinking, with the purpose of introducing an evolutionary approach to making traditional organizations become more agile by putting the best from both worlds to use. She has proven that the combination of good practice from traditional methods with agile principles from Scrum and Kanban can generate amazing project results. In 2014, she founded APMA – Agile Project Management Association®.




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