The most beautiful code in the world от Gil Zilberfeld

Докладчик Gil Zilberfeld
The most beautiful code in the world
  • workshop
  • 120 minutes
  • engineering
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We don’t get many opportunities to make our code as beautiful as it can be. We try to do our best, but due to pressure, deadlines, or conflicting ideas of what beauty is, we stop.

Not this time. In this workshop, we’ll write the most beautiful code we can. Nothing is more important, and you have all the time to make it so. It’s about showing off!

We’ll start from a simple goal, and using TDD (or not, it’s your choice) will design the code. Once we identify a code smell, we’ll deodorize it. The code needs to work, (and you need to supply proof), but otherwise, it’s open season on simplicity and beauty.


This session is all about deliberate practice, and this time we’re focusing on form. Make it a classic! 

We're going to do 4 Pomodoros, which take around 2 hours. The group is given a problem to code, with just 2 requirements:
1. Write the best code you can.
2. At each pomodoro's end prove that everything works (tests, logs, whatever).
Inside a pomodoro, people work in pairs. Programming language doesn't matter, but a pair should at least be able to work together. I walk around and identify smells. The smell list is presented on the board at all time. When I identify a smell, I put a "break note" near the pair. They are then stuck until they fix that smell and show me.
Works for ~40 people in pairs, otherwise I'll need a volunteer helper.
User Persona
  • developer
  • first-timer
Constraints and Class Arrangement

Group tables, for pairs. Room for me to move around.


Session History

Planned for a user group meeting in February 2015

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