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Докладчик Alexey Pikulev
Growing trust workshop: “In Team We Trust”
  • workshop
  • 120 minutes
  • coaching
  • enterprise
  • management
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This one-day workshop will help your team in improving their trust relationships and gaining a deep understanding of trustworthiness.

Learn to use the Team Trust Canvas methodology to strengthen your team performance. During the workshop, participants will learn which factors are essential for trust and how to use this new capacity to create an environment that brings the best of people.  The content is very practical. Most time of the day participants will do hands-on step-by-step exercises with the differents tools and games.  You’ll be able to use those right away when you go back to work.



You will master the Team Trust Canvas, a powerful model you can use for the your team and project. Specifically, you will:

  • Understand which features influence the team trust
  • Define the trust and value of teamwork
  • Create a new Team Trust Canvas model
  • Use the non-violent communication for improving team connection
  • Align personal and team values
  • Understand how to cause lasting change
  • Improve your team performance by creating a trust culture
  • Hear examples of how other companies do it
  • Practice useful techniques,which you can immediately use in your organization.
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  • coach
  • executive
  • developer
  • practitioner
  • manager
  • team lead
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