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Change it or leave it
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One of the biggest obstacles to successful products, teams and relationships is a lack of Will to Change.


Being a consultant in software development I always faced the reality of existing businesses, personalities with their own special way seeing the world - whether they are on a customer side or joining my team. I’m not saying that way is bad but what happens when you know a better way.


We had to almost kill old business model and rebuild it from scratch in order to find a better way. Letting people go, firing customers is hard but might not always be a bad idea. It is not just about big changes - it is about continuous changes 


  • who sets rules: business/customer you deal with or you?
  • “it works - don’t touch it” - really?
  • contract obligations - stairs to hell or a driver to change
  • persuading, motivating and just saying NO

and more



I won’t give you exact answers but we faced those questions with team and made our so far successful way through



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