Behaviour-Driven Development: A Bit of An Experiment от Liz Keogh

Докладчик Liz Keogh
Behaviour-Driven Development: A Bit of An Experiment
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BDD is a practice in which we talk through examples and scenarios, and the outcomes that we want to achieve from each.

Whenever we do something new, though, we often discover that the outcomes we thought we wanted aren't what actually works, or that contexts exist that we couldn't possibly have predicted. When faced with uncertainty, how can we still have discipline in defining our scenarios and their outcomes, while leaving enough room to change direction when we make discoveries? How can any kind of analysis help us when every question leads to another question, and it's impossible to know everything up front?

In this talk, we look at why uncertainty is inevitable, why testing pre-determined outcomes might be an anti-pattern in uncertain situations, and how to use scenarios and examples to create rigorous safe-to-fail experiments instead.



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Some overlap with previous Cynefin and BDD talks; much of the new material is related to this blog post.

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