LEGO Product Exploration от Anton Zotin

Докладчик Anton Zotin
LEGO Product Exploration
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  • 90
  • coaching
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This workshop will help participants to learn and to try several important product development technics.

We will learn how to

  • frame new or ongoing product definition to set product development boundaries
  • talk about our users to grow empathy that will help us to build the product, not just a set of cool features
  • explore a problems area to make a positive impact to this world
  • sharpen and optimise what you want to develop and deliver 


And cherry on top: we will do all these through the lego facilitation to make the session more effective and to learn how to boost team's creativity and efficiency.

All of these we will touch through extremely hands-on step-by-step exercises using LEGO bricks.

  • Intro
  • Lego facilitation basics
  • Lego metaphors
  • Product theme
  • Personas concept
  • Problems area exploration
  • MVP/MMP features set
  • Outro
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