The City Game от Zuzi

Докладчик Zuzana Sochova
The City Game
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We invite you to design and build your own city. You will have all the building materials, your colleagues will help you to design the beautiful streets, houses, parks and you will have a chance to become a master architect of the city. Of course, there are some limits and constraints, but your clever ideas and brave heart will become the key to your success.

This brand new game will help you to understand the basic and some advanced concepts of communication in the team.You will discover the power of sharing information, working on priorities and the importance of retrospectives and listening to the customer feedback. As a reward you will have a chance to get a photo of you and your team with your city and enter the contest for the “City Of The Year”.

No prior knowledge of any of agile techniques is required, all materials and tools will be provided.


Learning Objectives
- Understand concepts of communication in the team,
- Discover the power of sharing information,
- Importance of retrospectives and listening to the customer feedback,
- Simplicity rule applied to prioritization your work,
- Experience how **cross-teams communication and collaboration is necessary** to achieve the overall success.

The session is run in multiple rounds, simulating iterations in a real project. Typically one iteration is 5-7 minutes long and the teams work on the customer wishes and feedback from the previous loop. The moderators of the game can change the pace very quickly and can influence the flow to achieve the learning objectives.

For example we have run the game as part of the Agile Prague conference (see photos from here: this year, with 4 teams 60min and the objective of teaching them the power of cooperation across teams and building things together, compared to separated chunks. 

Typical learning outcomes include experience and handling of the ever changing customer requirements, need for team organisation and work distribution (i.e. everybody is better at something else - lets find what it is and use it for the team success) and the power of synergy and cooperation.

Constraints and Class Arrangement

sitting in teams around table

Session History

This workshop:

Agile Prague Conference 2015 (with great feedback (average 5 out of 5 stars)) and several interanl comapny workshops.

Other talks:

Scrum Gathering Phoenix, Scrum Gathering Berlin, Scrum Gathering Barcelona, Agile 2012, and many Agile events in Europe every year, few Agilee in past  – see


- I'm speaking at many Agile conferences every year and having great feedback for my talks, and usually I’m invited to speak next year as well.

 - I’ve been invited to have a keynote at two conferences this year.


 - You can see some videos here:


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