Certified ScrumMaster with Alexey Krivitsky @ AGILEEE Тренинг

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11 Apr 2016 (till 12 Apr 2016)

CERTIFIED SCRUMMASTER® Growing Agile Leaders, Leading Agile Growth - is an official ScrumAlliance two-day intensive certification class specially designed for ScrumMasters, Team Leads and Project Managers working with Agile teams.

The class prepares you for fulfilling a role of a ScrumMaster for one or several teams in a company of any size, type and agile maturity.

By attending the training you’ll be exposed to the latest training tools, including the one of the most popular educational simulations with Scrum: www.lego4scrum.com invented by the trainer and translated to more than 15 languages.


The class is designed to help ScrumMasters and Agile Team Coaches maximize their fit and influence throughout the Agile organization to maximize business value delivery, organization agility and team satisfaction. 

Hence, it covers all dimensions of “what it takes to be a brilliant ScrumMaster”: from individual to team coaching, to mastering change, facilitation and servant leadership.


The training is run by Alexey Krivitsky - a Certified ScrumTrainer, the author of the mini-book Agile Retrospective Kickstarter and a hands-on Lean-Agile practitioner with the first Scrum experiment dated back to 2003-2005. 
Alexey kicked off the AgileUkraine community in 2007, co-produced dozens of Agile events, including the sounding Agile Eastern Europe Conferences.

By attending the trainings of Alexey you’ll be exposed to the wide experience, lots of stories and the latest training techniques, including the one of the most popular simulations with Scrum: lego4scrum.com invented by Alexey and translated now to more than 15 languages.

Know more about the class trainer.


The class is designed to integrate people with different level of Scrum exposure and experience. It not only teaches the core concepts. It lets you practice the Agile mindset through a variety of workshops, exercices, and discussions guided by the experienced trainer. Working in a cozy small group of students you will have a great opportunuty to discuss complex scenarios of Scrum adoption.

This will prepare you for stepping into the ScrumMaster / Agile Leader role in your organization.


This program is aligned with Scrum Alliance objectives for the CSM certification. And will cover all key areas of strategic and daily duties of a ScrumMaster:

  • Scrum Basics Roles & Responsibilities 
  • Practicing Lean and System Thinking 
  • Growing Teams 
  • Coaching the Organization 
  • Working with Product Owners 
  • Mentoring Team Members and Managers 
  • Agile Estimating and Planning 
  • Release Management 
  • Facilitating Sprint Ceremonies 
  • Scaling Scrum
  • and many more



Alexey has years of experience of applying Scrum in distributed and scaled environment. Alexey is also a Cerified Large Scale Scrum Practiotioner.
Scaling topic is not a standard part of a CSM program, but during this class you'll be exposed to the simplicity and power of the LeSS framework.

Visit agiletrainings.eu for more information and download of a class brochure.

The rates for the class

*Includes: two days of class attendance for one person, 2 years of ScrumAlliance membership, access to SM test, meals.  

*Does not include main conference program (April/8-9).  

  • If you are a conference attendee your rate is 760 EUR  
  • If you are not attending conference your rate is 850 EUR 

The venue

ALFAVITO Hotel, 35D Predslavynska str., Kyiv, Ukraine


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