Oded Tamir


Oded Tamir - Agile coach at Agilesparks, Israel.


My first experience in Agile implementation in 2006 became my main mission during the last three years.


For over 20 years, I held various management roles- CIO,  Project Management in the High-Tech industry, including the position of VP Project Management in a large global company- where I focused on project tracking, problem- solving and  crisis management.


Although I have on my track record successful “crisis solving” processes that saved the company millions of dollars, I found that traditional project management has limited tools to solve problems and so the way back to Agile was only a matter of time.


2014 was the next breakthrough in my career when I joined Agilesparks, a leading Agile and Lean company, which guides organizations to manage the journey toward Agile adoption.


Since then, I lead Agile and DevOps change processes in global technological projects as well as assimilation processes in IT departments of financial institutions. Providing the full Agile solutions, I engage in facilitation of Management Workshops, training the project’s teams and the different roles  and supporting problem- solving and continuous improvement processes to achieve business goals.






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