Philipp Engstler

Philipp Engstler has been working over 15 years in leading positions in the Internet and e.commerce industry. He has degrees in Computer scientist specializing in business information management with multiple CAS.

He is an independent Agile Coach & Trainer and interim leader. He specializes in organizational development, culture development, management 3.0, Continuous Improvement & Innovation, Scrum & Kanban, portfolio management and agile transformations.

He is PO in his own start-up company, producing web based applications called 360 ° team feedback and Merit Money. These apps support teams in their feedback process to become better and better. 360° teamfeedback focuses on behavior of participants, MeritMoney on contribution of individuals.

2014-2016 he worked as Head of Engineering at in an interim mandate. An agile culture spreads throughout the company to find acceptance via performance. Since 2016 he is active as an agile coach with multiple customers in the Telco, Web, Banking and Power Industry. Before, Philipp worked for 5 years as CTO / CIO of ricardo group in Zug, Switzerland. He-initiated and accompanied the transformation of ricardoGroup IT into an agile organizational. The  IT unit comprised  80 employees at 3 pan-European locations. He is a convinced agilist and involved in the agile community. He is a moderator of the Agile Breakfast Lucerne, the Lean, Agile & Scrum community of Swiss ICT.

Philipp loves his summer office, a rebuilt 1976 Mercedes Van serving as an office, parked at the lake side of Zug with a great view to the Alps, Solar-Power and 4G.




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