Iurii Pavliuk

My story of software developer started at 2004.

When looking back at my career path, I see several pivot points in several dimensions.

First of all, I've changed professional area 3 times: at the beginning, it was business software, then websites and web applications, and finally games.

Another dimension is cultural. I've lived in Ukraine, Sweden, and Germany. I've worked at Ukrainian, American, German, and Swedish companies. They all are unique because of their sizes, structures, business models and leadership approach.

And of course, I've worked with many different people from all over the world (currently, in our studio in Berlin, there are people from 25+ countries, and there are 75+ nationalities across the company).

As you might imagine, besides the core skills of software developer, this kind of career path requires agility. Moreover, the industry by itself provokes a person to be more flexible, faster, focused and efficient.

So, in 2010 I started a conscious journey in the world of agile methodologies and its practical application to my everyday job.

Currently, my position is Prototyping Engineer at King (Berlin). This role includes development, project management, facilitation and team building. Scrum and Kanban are my tools for every day.

Also, I am certified Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner by Scrum Alliance. 





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