Fun Begins Here...Sustainability of Agile Transformations от Rahul Sharma

Докладчик Rahul Sharma
Fun Begins Here...Sustainability of Agile Transformations
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This is an era when a lot of organizations are going for Agile Transformations, of course because of the value this way of working, brings to the business.

Are these transformations easy? As an organization, are we supporting our people well enough so that they can be agile? Its a general trend then if we want to go agile, we have to hire Scrum Masters/Agile Coaches, is it just enough? We want to change, but only in what we are comfortable with, we are not brave enough to unlearn old ways. This talk is all about our journey of attempt to be agile and challenges we are facing and what we are trying to do to overcome these challenges


Setup of Working Environment For Agile Teams

Why just having Scrum Masters and Agile Coach is not sufficient

How Organisational Structural changes becomes a bottleneck sometimes

What is difficult? Finding new people or retaining old ones?

Why knowing how you can give your best to an Org, is not sufficient?

Why half cooked processes are not healthy for an Organisation

What we need to win in the battle of Agile Transformation?


How our leaders supported us in this battle?

Constraints and Class Arrangement

No constraints, any kind of arrangement would be good, where i can make eye contact with maximum people

Session History

Was speaker at Scrum User Group of South Africa meetup last year, also spoke at Testing User Group of South Africa this year

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