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Interactive Workshop Design - How to get the best out of your team sessions
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It's just another day in the office for the Agile Coach when she's approached by a Product Owner with a request for help. Her team complains about the current Agile way of working and the lack of autonomy they get in applying the Agile principles in their day-to-day work. "Would it be possible to do a "back to basic" session with the team, so they better understand the intentions of the Agile way of working of their organization?" the Product Owner asks.  


Many Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters or any other team session facilitators will recognize a request like this. Of course you take up the challenge and start preparing. Let's start with a brief introduction. Then bring in some Agile theory, ask the participants a few questions and have them work on an exercise before you wrap up and hope that your session had the impact the Product Owner expected. Or... you choose a different approach! In this case the Agile Coach decided to go in an opposite direction. The team was asked to define what makes the Agile Way of Working bad, leading to unexpectedly good results.


This example shows that there are many ways to reach a good result in a team session. Unfortunately facilitators do not always realize how may options they have to make a session effective. As a result, sessions get predictable, sometimes even boring, and so do the outcomes of the sessions. But there's good news: with just a little bit of inspiration and a few tricks everyone is able to think out of the box. The workshop “Interactive workshop design” aims to provide inspiration and tricks. Expect an active session that contains the exchange of war stories, creativity challenges and cases. Do you have the guts to experiment?




  • Workshop introduction

    • Exercise: “how to ruin this workshop?”

  • War stories

    • How did the presenter ruin workshops in the past?

    • How did the participants ruin workshops in the past?

    • What can we learn from this?

  • Case introduction

    • Participants are invited to bring in their current session needs

    • Selection and short introduction of the participant cases

  • Case exercise


    1. Design a team session for the case

    2. Present a team session for the case

    3. Challenge the designs based on pre-defined questions that trigger “flip-thinking”

    4. Update and present the team session again

    5. Vote: which design are you most willing to try tomorrow?


  • Workshop outro

    • Draw a picture of how this workshop has impacted your job in 6 months from now


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