A Digital Relationship: Communication with Clients от Anna Danés

Докладчик Anna Danes
A Digital Relationship: Communication with Clients
  • workshop
  • 120 minutes
  • coaching
  • enterprise
  • offshore
  • management

Do you get frustrated with remote collaboration with clients? Do you wish all your team members were always in one room? 

Through several fun activities we will become aware of the challenges of remote collaboration and how to successfully deal with them.




  • ACTIVITY 1:Burningquestions.
  • ACTIVITY 2: Warm-up. Particularities of Remote Communication
  • Tips to improve trust levels in the team
  • ACTIVITY 3 + Tips to increase proactivity in email
  • When shit happens
  • ACTIVITY 4: Active listening
  • ACTIVITY 5: Assertive communication
  • Retrospective

Remote communication




Constraints and Class Arrangement
  • Maximum 12 attendees
  • School chairs where people can sit and write are enough. We need to be able to move them around.
  • Flip chard
  • Markers
  • White Board
  • Projector and a wall/screen
Session History

This workshop was designed about 2 years ago for a software engineering firm and since then I have done the workshop with many  clients and always with great results. People have fun, think about aspects of remote communication that were not aware of and find tips to work better.

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