How to totally Game your Agile Transformation in Explicit detail от Rickard Jones

Докладчик Rickard Jones
How to totally Game your Agile Transformation in Explicit detail
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Agile transformations are all the rage at the moment. Everyone is busting a gut to say they are doing it. But while they maybe doing Agile, are they being Agile?


Join us for this talk on how people “Game” their transformation sometimes without even knowing it.


In a comical look at Agile change the presenters will look at how one can “Game” their Agile Transformation whilst also exposing the anti-patterns to real change. Finally culminating on the take away of a possible approach to Agile Transformations without gaming.



Gaming areas covered are:


1. Game Intro: What really is an Agile Transformation?

2. Game Cheat #1: Kick-Off your Agile CoE. Process is Everything

3. Game Cheat #2: Agile Coaching, We are Legion

4. Game Cheat #3: Metrics Management – Killer Process Instructions

5. Game Cheat #4: Iterative Anti-Patterns, Learn to Love them :)

6. Game Cheat #5: Scaling Command and Control, Delivery Over Value

7. Cheats Off: A Take-Away on how it could be done without Gaming

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