Workshop Taster: ORSC for Agile Teams от Rickard Jones

Докладчик Rickard Jones
Workshop Taster: ORSC for Agile Teams
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  • 120 minutes
  • coaching

ORSC stands for Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching. ORSC is an integrated and robust coaching model based on Relationship Systems Intelligence™.


Beyond Emotional Intelligence (relationship with oneself) and Social Intelligence (relationship with other) is the realm of Relationship Systems Intelligence where one’s focus shifts to the relationship with the group, team or system.


This approach creates sustainable and resilient teams and families. Source:



"ORSC for Agile Teams” is a workshop taster that introduces ORSC and some of the tools used by ORSC Coaches for Agile Teams.



Workshop Benefits:


Lyssa Adkins amongst many other well known Agile Coaches says ORSC is the “spice to Agile Coaching”. It is fast becoming an industry standard for multi-person relationship coaching.


ORSC is the only coaching approach that specialises in coaching groups, teams, systems and the relationships between these. What you learn through this workshop taster you cannot obtain anywhere else outside of ORSC.


ORSC while very valuable has a catch in that it is a very expensive coaching journey. This workshop provides an ORSC taster so, one can sample the power of ORSC without over committing. Just enough to give one an idea of ORSC and its value.



The immediate take away will be some of the ORSC techniques that Agile Coaches can use in their teams and organisational systems straight away!



- Techniques covered will be:


3rd Entity Exercise


Designing The Team Alliance




Informal Constellations


Team Toxins

Constraints and Class Arrangement

Workshop Approach:



The workshop will require:


- A large open space for 28 people to practice the ORSC modelling techniques. This actually means a space for double that really. So, space for 50 as the activities are large in space terms.


- 4 presenters will be required (we have Rickard, John, Christoforos and Nairy). All presenters are UK based and Nairy who is the head of CRR UK (the company behind ORSC). Rickard and Christoforos have submitted other talks so, if these are selected then only John and possibly Nairy would need local UK funding.


- 4 Flip charts to explain the activities in a visual manner


- No media equipment will be required as there are no slides and filming is okay.


- Attendees will have techniques explained to them and prioritise these. As many will be covered as time permits to make sure the maximum benefit and exposure of ORSC to the attendees is delivered.


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