AGILEXIT: Why Your Agile Transformation Has Already FAILED! от Rickard Jones

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AGILEXIT: Why Your Agile Transformation Has Already FAILED!
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Everyone is at the Agile Transformation game these days. Thing is most of them are already under-way, or have mastered it right? WRONG! They have already FAILED!




Join us for this talk to find out why it is a failure and what can be done about it.







Topics Covered:


- Most do not even know what an Agile Transformation is. Find out!


- Houston we have a problem and can avoid it.


- The Cold does bother us, breaking good the Frozen middle.


- De-Scaling: But LeSS is not to enough, be SAFer like a mac-DAddy!


- Don’t be Luke Warm on Using The Force for Technical Excellence.


- KISS goodbye to over complex Spiral Dynamics integral or Teal Orgs.



The key take-away be how almost everyone has failed and what they can do about. It might upset a few souls as culture shock can be like that. You know shocking. AgilExit means AgilExit!

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