A Horror Story от Gil Zilberfeld

Докладчик Gil Zilberfeld
A Horror Story
  • workshop
  • 90
  • 120 minutes
  • engineering
  • management

Little children are told a bone chilling story, that when agilists gather, a dark shadow befalls the city.

This is the ghost of the Agiliicorn. An agile unicorn who died in a freak accident and now terrorizes conferences in Kiev. 

But all is not lost. It was once defeated by the Slicer, a magical sword that can slice big scary stories into smaller, less frightening ones.

In this workshop, we'll prepare for dealing with the horror.

Using mind mapping and other slicing techniques we'll slice and dice stories about our epic killer. During this session, we'll talk about how big the stories are, when to stop slicing and different perspectives we can make stories smaller, less risky, testable, and still valuable.


So fear not! The Agiligcorn is indeed a menace. But with our Slicer of stories, we can defeat it. Prepare for battle!


Talk, exercises, talk, laugh. memes.

Constraints and Class Arrangement

Groups of 4-6 people.

Session History

Done with so much fun at Agile Testing Days 2016

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