lean agile procurement: The RFP is dead - Evaluate in 1 day от Philipp Engstler

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lean agile procurement: The RFP is dead - Evaluate in 1 day
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Link to our topic web page: https://www.lean-agile-procurement.com


Classic approached evaluations (RfI > RfP > RfQ) are expensive, take ages and focus primarily on product/service. Agile organizations tend to form differently. lean-agile-procurement is a a new, leaner approach for evaluations  The Lean Proposal Canvas: ONE Day <> ONE Page <> ONE Evaluation - concentrate on results.


If you tired of:

  • Expensive evaluations 

  • Delays due to RfP process

  • Comparison of multiple n-pages proposals is complex

  • Focus lays on procurement processes and paperworks only

  • The people, that work on the proposal are not the same, as for service delivery

..come and join this talk. The lean-agile-procurement will reduce preparation efforts as much as possible (reduce waste)

  1. Time to market should be improved dramatically (days instead of weeks/months), start delivering business outcome earlier

  2. Proposal document with just ONE page and a predefined structure makes it more easy to create and compare multiple proposals

  3. Focus lays on evaluation of partner too (Soft- & hard skills)

  4. Lean proposal canvas is an agile contract

Inspired by the lean canvas of Ash Maurya and the Business Model Canvas from Alexander Osterwalder.

Happy to share and ready for questions an discussion! Looking forward to see you at the talk!



- Intro

- Existing situation

- Inspiration and Idea

- Current state of lean-agile-procurement

- outlook

- Q&A an discussion

Constraints and Class Arrangement


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