Developers vs. Agile Coaches. Make love, no war. от Iurii Pavliuk

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Developers vs. Agile Coaches. Make love, no war.
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The essence of any agile methodology is to make a process of delivery of value to be as efficient as possible in short and long time perspectives.

All the industries have its criteria of efficiency.

What makes software development unique in this context?

First of all, developers by themselves. I mean, the majority of developers is very smart people with a technical mindset. They usually have their own vision of how everything should work and at the same time, let's be honest, are not really product oriented.

Second, the variety of methodologies and frameworks we have in our hands. Too many people are already disappointed by many of them due to many different reasons. Too many people are confused. Lack of trust is killing a lot of initiatives and pushing us back to "old good" approaches.

"Oh, fascinating and potentially could be very useful. But we have no time for that. Let's get back to work", so many times I heard this phrase after Scrum training or Kanban workshop. And it hurts me!

Being a developer and agile evangelist, I know those two worlds from inside. And I cry thinking about the fact that for the majority of people I worked with those are two separate worlds.

Agile coaches and developers should compliment each other. Our mission is to help this marriage to happen. Otherwise, we are fighting against nature, and we are just parasitic on a body of the industry.

I would like to raise an awareness to the problem by identifying core conflicts and misunderstandings, sharing my vision of possible solutions, and, if possible, start a discussion within the community.



  • About me
  • Why do I care?
  • Why should people trust me?

Identification of the problem

  • Intention of agile coaching
  • Why it doesn't work and what is the impact?
  • Real life examples

Identification of the reasons

  • Developer perspective
  • Agile coach perspective

Attempt to solution

  • How do we do it at King?
  • My personal approaches

Audience feedback and questions

Open discussion


Constraints and Class Arrangement

This session fits better small or middle size audience (max. 80 people).

Preferably 35-50 people.

There is no any special requirements for equipment:

  • Projector to show the slides
  • Microphone on the stage and in audience
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